Nevia Pavletic was born in Zagreb, Croatia and grew up in the United States. She currently lives and works in Montgomery County, Maryland. Nevia is a self-taught visual artist, with an academic background in Sociology (B.A) and Sociocultural Anthropology (M.A.) She began drawing in 2015. Her drawings have been published in international online and print publications, and her work is in numerous private collections in the United States, Europe, and Australia. Since 2017, she has been represented by Tappan Collective in Los Angeles, California. Nevia is also an avid film photographer and uses this medium to inform and inspire her drawing practice.

Artist Statement

My creative process is driven by a primordial urge to return to nature. Using colored pencils on paper, I intuitively draw lines, shapes, and textures that flow together in an elegant rhythm that is suggestive of the underlying harmony and balance of the natural world. I begin each drawing by establishing the center; all of the other elements radiate outward from this central point on the paper. Abstractions of flowers, celestial bodies, and ambiguous organic forms slowly begin to emerge from an internalized collection of imagery, emotion, and memories.

I feel a strong connection with female outsider artists such as Emma Kunz, Anna Zemankova, and Hilma af Klint, whose visionary work has greatly inspired my own practice. Through the act of drawing, I seek to connect with the mysterious beauty of nature that remains hidden and ungraspable.